"Maybe This Time" Information

Performance History

2015  Play was originally titled “It Had To Be You”. It was entered as a 10-minute one-act play in the 13th Annual North Park Vaudeville Playwright Festival.  Over 300 scripts are annually submitted, 24 are chosen. It won “Best Play”and sold out all three performances. (35-seat theatre)

2016  “It Had To Be You” was expanded to a 3-scene, one act play (45 minutes) and accepted into the San Diego International Fringe Festival. It played 5 consecutive dates at different times and averaged 140% capacity in 5 sold-out performances. (56 patrons in a 40-seat theatre) The only reason it wasn’t more is that there literally wasn’t any more room for anybody else. It won the “Audience Award”.  

2017  “It Had To Be You” was expanded to a 4-scene, 2-act play (90 minutes) and produced by PowPAC Community Theatre for two performances October 22nd and 23rd.  http://www.powpac.org/misc_pages/play.php?id=258

Both performances sold out (70-seat theatre)

Play title was changed from “It Had To Be You” when it was discovered that another play with the same title was already registered with the WGA. It was retitled “Maybe This Time” and re-registered. 

2018 “Maybe This Time” was performed with a different Cast and Director, August 17-19 at the Gaslight Theatre in St. Louis, Mo. It sold out all three performances (99-seat theatre).

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All versions were staged simply; black box, in front of a black curtain or on an empty stage, with a single table and two chairs.

2019 "Maybe This Time" was produced by Alton Little Theater, Alton IL on February 1-3. 

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Feedback from Alton Little Theater Production:



We were so thrilled that “Maybe This Time” lit up Alton Little Theater for three performances this past weekend. Despite the Polar Vortex COLD and the Sunday Super Bowl, we still entertained and delighted 353 theater patrons. This was a great response for a show that we squeezed between two other productions because we didn’t want to miss out on the chance to produce your play! Your support and ongoing efforts to encourage and analyze our portrayals was such a welcome collaboration. We hope you send us previews of your upcoming works for the possibility of maybe producing them also. 

The comments on our Facebook site have been overwhelmingly positive. The cast was also unanimously positive in their response to your witty and very funny play. And since three-fourths of the cast are “seasoned” Directors, that is high praise indeed. As I made my way around the community this week I heard more positive feedback: most were similar: “it made me laugh…and still feel a little sad”. Two 90-year old sisters said “you should do more plays like this”.

We at Alton Little Theater (the oldest continuously-running community theater in the state of Illinois) look forward to seeing you soar with success with “Maybe This Time”. Thanks for allowing middle-aged actors to have some great roles in a romantic comedy. Clearly, our audiences could relate and cheer you on. 

With Gratitude and Love,

Lee Cox

Vice-President/Artistic Director Alton Little Theater

2020 Productions of "Maybe This Time"

February 7-9, 2020

Howard County Center for the Arts

Ellicot City, MD 21043

(between Baltimore and Washington DC)

Produced by Thunderous Productions

February 7-16, 2020

Stageworks Northwest Theatre

Longview, WA 98632

(between Portland OR and Seattle WA)

Produced by Stageworks Northwest



"Maybe This Time" Synopsis

This is a romantic comedy about the first dates of people that meet online. There are four individual dates involving two women and two men and their brains.

1) Kathleen our heroine, is trusting but not naïve’, kind but not weak and looking for love.


2) Roger our hero, is a down-to-earth romantic who’s slightly awkward around women and afraid to make the wrong choice.

3) Sandra is flashy-sexy and looking for a man with money. She’s desperate and manipulating but not a bad person.

4) Frank’s a simple, sleazy guy who talks big but can’t back it up. He’s sexist and a misogynist and doesn’t even know it.

The character’s brains are onstage with them, saying what they’re really thinking while they often say something else.

Scene 1  Kathleen and Frank

Scene 2  Sandra and Roger

Scene 3  Sandra and Frank

Scene 4  Kathleen and Roger

First dates are interesting in and of themselves because of the dynamics of two strangers getting to know each other while trying to impress at the same time.


The play is about miscommunication and misunderstanding. It shows how things happen that shouldn’t or worse, how things sometimes don’t happen that should.


Frank and Sandra end up leaving together because they say what each other wants to hear but we also hear their brains saying something entirely different and know they are doomed.

We see that when Kathleen and Frank are on their other dates, they exhibit traits and personality characteristics that suggest that they might be good for each other. Throughout the final scene that feeling is reinforced and we now see that they are in fact, perfect for each other. But because people don’t always say what they mean and can misinterpret the nuances of words and body language, they never make the connection and at the very end, they hesitantly part, much to the disappointment of the audience.

It’s a play that makes people laugh but also makes them think and hope. It’s both an entertaining and cautionary tale. 

Interest in Future Productions

If you have an interest in producing "Maybe This Time", please contact me to discuss royalty options. I will make it easy on any company that wants to do it.  It is a logistically simple play to put on as it only requires one uncomplicated set. In the 5 different versions up to this point, all of the casts and theaters have enjoyed and profited from its' productions. I hope yours will also.

Michael Madden