• "Lovering" is my new play which I hope to have on a San Diego stage by early 2020. It is the story of an older woman who falls in love in the middle of chemo treatment for breast cancer. In interviewing dozens of women who have undergone cancer treatment, I realized that most people often say the wrong thing or don't say or do anything at all to family and friends who have cancer. "Lovering" is a comedy with romance and an empathetic heart. My goal is to have cancer survivors look onstage and say, "that's right, that's just how I felt" or "that happened to me". I want them to laugh at the parts of the play that may make others cringe. If anyone has undergone cancer treatment, I am always happy and appreciative to discuss their experience. I have a series of 10 questions about different aspects of their journey that we can go over if they so choose. They can always contact me at docmmm2@gmail.com if they're interested.